Carver’s Law


  • Catalogue No: CDMM20
  • Release Date: 12 July 2019
  • Format: Compact Disc

Avail yourself of a quality malt and an hour of me-time; 2019 marks the return of Jones with his fifth solo album, Carver’s Law. The result of soul-searching on the Suffolk coast and collaborations with Boo Hewerdine and David Bridie, Carver’s Law is another offering of classic songwriting from an artist who breathes the rarefied air of the unsung hero. Cut Jones and he bleeds quality. 

What do we want from an artist? Are they duty bound to inform, educate, entertain? Do they dissemble, put words into the mouths of fictional characters that shoulder their creator’s burden, or is the contract approved with read-between-the-lines clauses that swap comfort zones for the twilight variety, the uncertain half-light where you trust images in the corner of your eye more than those you can stare at? Should they hollow themselves out for us, such that we spend hours listening to their pain as it circles our turntable?  

In truth, we demand all of this and more. When we get it, it can be beyond anything we dared hope for and hope, like need, is a dangerous master. Carver’s Law is such a record, a long-player of profound beauty, where words twist and tumble like the first leaves of Autumn, coming to rest amongst layers of effortless melody like weary travellers.

Here are acutely observed vignettes on life, death and everything that matters in-between. The anticipation of hope, the shadow of fear, doubt and self-analysis, and the slow slow, quick quick slow passing of time. A nervous energy frames these songs, one born of hard won knowledge and experience.

The ability to articulate our deepest sorrows, desires, happiness and heartbreaks is a gift. Carver’s Law is shot through with spirits bottled and biographical, often half full, always haunted, never less than 100% proof. 

Drink up; time is short and the water is rising. 

Paul Woodgate 

Now I get to see things clearly / Mostly as they’re falling apart / I wanted to hold you dearly girl / But my head was ahead of my heartWhat'll I Do?

01 Drinking Alone
02 Coleman's
03 Have A Sunset On Me
04 La Rentree
05 Gentle Down
06 Morning Pockets
07 Every Dream A Shadow
08 Blackshore
09 And The Moon Led Me Home
10 What'll I Do?
11 Le Mercury
12 Dust In My Throat
13 Hook And Tumble
14 Folderol
15 Woebegone
Produced and Arranged by Marcus Cliffe and Trevor Jones

Engineered by Marcus Cliffe
at his Norbury Brook Studio in South London
Mastered by Peter Beckmann at TechnologyWorks

Musicians: The Carver’s Law Four:
Marcus Cliffe: Piano, Hammond, Double Bass, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Programming and Patience
Gustaf Ljunggren: Baritone Sax, Tenor Sax, C Soprano Sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Baritone Guitar, Mandola
B.J. Cole: Pedal Steel Guitar
Trevor Jones: Acoustic Guitar, Whistling Teeth and Occasional Creaky Stool

Songs by Trevor Jones except:
Every Dream A Shadow/Dust In My Throat: Jones/Cliffe
Morning Pockets: Jones/Hewerdine
Drinking Alone/Gentle Down/Le Mercury/Woebegone: Jones/Bridie
Hook and Tumble: Marcus Cliffe

Artwork and Design by Barry Cross
Cover Photograph by Di Holmes
Booklet photography by Luke Mooney
Warmth and Welcoming: Lucinda Drayton and Willow

Special Guests:

Drinking Alone
David Bridie: Piano and Pump Organ
Hope Csutoros: Voilin

Gentle Down
David Bridie: Piano and Synth

Le Mercury
David Bridie: Piano

David Bridie: Piano
John Phillips: Guitar
Helen Mountford: Cello
Hope Csutoros: Violin

Pre-production for these four songs was recorded by Andrew Robinson at ToRurua Studios, Melbourne, Australia