• Catalogue Number: MM8
  • Release Date: 2003
  • Format: CD

Out of nowhere, catastrophe struck. Trevor Jones’ sister died in tragic circumstances.  

It’s typical of the man that, rather than wallowing in his grief as he had every right to do, he dealt with his loss in the quiet, honest dignity of ‘Sister Song’, the achingly lovely tribute that concludes Alaska.

It can’t have been coincidence that the album, despite its meltingly beautiful musical landscape, was named for one of the coldest places on earth.

Johnny Black

Your song came in the room, moved around and filled it / Half settled in the gloom, found my glass and spilt itLast Drop
01 Alaska
02 Wilful
03 Beautiful Mirage
04 Five Points Of Light
05 Weatherwise
06 Boo Said
07 Seven Bells
08 My Bourbon Sky
09 Under My Tongue
10 Last Drop
11 Hat of Hope
12 Cinnamon Chair
13 Local Knowledge
14 Mermaid
15 Deaf Face
16 Malkovich (anywhere but here)
17 Sister Song
Produced and Arranged by Marcus Cliffe and Trevor Jones
Recorded and Mixed by Marcus Cliffe at his Norbury Brook Studio

Songs by Trevor Jones except: Beautiful Mirage, Weatherwise,Seven Bells, My Bourbon Sky and Local Knowledge by Trevor Jones and Marcus Cliffe
Copyright controlled

Mastered by Pete Beckmann at Technology Works

Design/Artwork by Nick Reddyhoff

MC: Thanks to Dimitri Metzeltin and Risto at Steinberg UK & DE, Adam Castillo and Mike Partridge at Midiman USA & UK, Ted Fletcher at Joe Meek, Tony Gravel and Richard Ellis at Teac UK, Bob Bauman at Lynx Technology USA, Gibson Keddy at JHS, Jamie Crompton at Fender Europe, Picato Strings.
Simon Currie, Melvin Duffy, Geraint Watkins and Pete Beckmann for services beyond the call of duty.
To my family without whom etc. Julian Cliffe, Reg Cliffe, Stephanie Cliffe, Rebecca Cliffe, Elena Bello and especially to you Elena, ti amp… tanto…tanto…
And finally my partner in crime Trev! Throughout this album we’ve shared a great deal of emotion, friendship and most of all, red wine. Long may it continue! Cheers…MC

TJ: Whatever the credits, ‘Alaska’ is as much Marcus as it is me, he the scientist to my hunchback! Thanks mate for making it an effortless pleasure.If I could climb into your shoes and hug you, I would.
I’m always amazed and humbled by the generosity and goodwill of musicians.
Thanks to Melvin, Geraint, Simon and BJ for bringing their talent and energy to Alaska. Thanks to Steve, Les, Trevor, Phil and Mark for past pleasures.
To all at chez Cliffe (Elena C, Elena B, Janna, Katarina) for making me welcome, especially to Rebecca (“why?”) for showing me how to do a vocal in one nonchalant take!
Thanks to Nick and Lucinda for yet another great cover and to Pete for the mastering.
Thanks to all the music journalists who have been so supportive of past recordings.
Thank you to Andrei Z for running the website and to Max at Rainsound for his long-term enthusiasm. Thanks to Derek and all at Backs for their help and support.
Love to my family and extended family, it’s been a sad and beautiful year.
Finally to Di, dancer, photographer, entrepreneur and love of my life, je t’aime.