• Catalogue Number: MM5
  • Release Date:
  • Format: Compact Disc

What had started essentially as a recording project had become a five-piece live band by the time the follow-up to Bicycle Thieves, Candids, was released in 1998.  

Loaded with nagging guitar hooks and dynamic vocal interplay, it included one particularly affecting piece, ‘Small Ad’, which featured just one line of lyric, the heart-rending couplet, ‘Baby’s shoes, never used.’

With those four words, Jones conjured up a yawning abyss of grief that other writers might struggle to evoke in an entire album.

..he said he saw a statue crying, tiny tears were turning into milk / well that’s human kindness, and here’s a pigs ear make of silkFull Circle

01 Sugar And Spite
02 Full Circle
03 Body 19
04 Lucky's OK
05 Candids Of The Kings
06 Wheels Of The World
07 Kissing Ronnie Spector
08 Shoot The Moon
09 Tenderhooks
10 Once Upon A Time In The West
11 Small Ad
All songs © The Miracle Mile
All songs published copyright control

Produced by Davis & Jones
Arranged by The Miracle Mile

Design and cover illustration by Redd Design

Trevor Jones: Voice, Guitar, Bass
Steve Davis: Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, B.V.
Trevor Smith: Drums, Percussion, Piano
Mark Hornby: Guitar, Harmonica, B.V.

Les Nemes: Bass on ‘Full Circle’, ‘Wheels Of The World’
Phil Smith: Sax on ‘Kissing Ron’ and ‘Lucky’s OK’
Rupert Brown: Drums on ‘Shoot The Moon’

Recorded at Boundary Row and Protocol studios London

Thanks to:
David and Michael Scherchen
Nick and Linda Reddyhoff
Roy Tarrant at Deja Vu for permission to use ‘That old time religion’ sample on ‘Body 19’
‘Small Ad’ based on a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald (we think)

Love to all our girlfriends, wives, families and friends and to anyone whose ever taken the time to listen…