• Catalogue Number: MM11
  • Release date:
  • Format: Compact Disc

Glow showed up in 2005 and found Jones and Cliffe further expanding their musical palette mixing Celtic folksiness with slow, semi-industrial percussion.

Witness the inspirational ‘An Average Sadness’, blending Badalamenti guitars with Bacharach horns on ‘What Kate Did Next’, and opening ‘Strange Sympathy’ with a beautifully synthesised string orchestration before letting the song melt seamlessly into a laid-back country-rock rumination on the gap between aspiration and acquisition.

Glow was also their most lavishly packaged disc, gorgeously presented at no small cost to themselves. 

Johnny Black

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01 Can I Start Again Please?
02 Paper Planes and Ponytails
03 Baby’s In The House
04 An Average Sadness
05 Beads Without A Chain
06 What Kate Did Next
07 Heels for Dust
08 Strange Sympathy
09 The Secret Fold
10 Call It Home
11 Your Latest Graze
12 Hey Light of Day
13 Brown Eyes Looking Back
14 Glow
15 Night Sail

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