• Catalogue Number: MM12
  • Release Date:
  • Format: Compact Disc

Album No. 7, Limbo, offered fifteen songs overflowing with sensitively wrought melodies and heart-fluttering lyricism.

If it’s not a contradiction in terms, Limbo was even more quietly passionate than usual, deliciously understated and, at times, devastatingly tear-jerking.

Johnny Black

A sunburst finish, with a tone that could tear you apart / There’s not a chord, I wouldn’t diminish / To capture your heartSunburst Finish
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01 Lights of Home
02 Love Letters and Long Goodbyes
03 Ghostwritten
04 Papillon
05 Yuri’s Dream
06 All the Way to London
07 Joshua’s Watch
08 Plasticine
09 Way Back When
10 Sunburst Finish
11 Pink Jesus
12 Step by Step
13 The Falling Man
14 Forgotten Songs
15 Lucky Limbo

Written, performed and produced by Miracle Mile.
Miracle Mile are Trevor Jones and Marcus Cliffe

BJ Cole: Pedal Steel
Melvin Duffy: Weisenbourne & Pedal Steel
Lucinda Drayton: Backing Vocals

Design / Artwork: Nick Reddyhoff
Photos: Di Holmes
Mastered by Pete Beckmann at Technology Works

For Harry, Jarf and Eleonora