Slow Fade


  • Catalogue Number: MM7
  • Release Date:
  • Format: Compact Disc

Jones quickly realised that live performance was not his forte and retired to the womb of the studio for 1999’s third album, Slow Fade, which also saw the birth of the partnership that would lift Miracle Mile higher still above the norm. Marcus Cliffe, in demand as a player for Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Daniel Lanois, Mark Knopfler and others, was drafted in on upright bass. 

Immediately the music took a more intimate turn, with Jones exploring the little things that illuminate the big things. Almost every song offers up at least one unforgettable line, like ‘I’d rather be ashes than dust’ in ‘Everybody Loved You’, or the concept of filling the void left by his loss of faith ‘with despair and metalware’ in ‘Starwatching’. 

Slow Fade was further enhanced by the delicately filigreed swirls and swoops of England’s finest steel guitar maestro, B.J. Cole, whose style sat so well with Jones and Cliffe that he has become virtually a full-time member of the band. 

Johnny Black

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01 blue sea white dog
02 everybody loved you
03 jim
04 god knows
05 Guggenheim
06 starwatching
07 drinker’s hour
08 beginagain
09 the duty of stars
10 harry’s hands
11 pigeon pair
12 come as you are
13 baby steps
14 slow fade
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